Mommy & Me Minis 2018

Mommy & Me

Last month I celebrated five mamas in the studio for Mother’s Day. This was the second year in a row I offered Mommy & Me Minis and it has quickly become one of my most favorite events. I love Mommy & Me minis so much because they are all about honoring mothers & their endless love for their children. I thought long and hard about why these sessions are so important to me…

More than anything, I want for mamas to feel celebrated, appreciated, respected, supported and loved. I want for them to feel like the star of the show, the center of attention. Like they are being seen and heard. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the dads, too!! But all that matters in these 15 minute sessions is capturing a mom’s relationship with her kiddo. I encourage them to cuddle, play and dance. It’s all about capturing their precious personalities and the mama that helped raise them.

In a Mama’s Words

Alison (pictured above) couldn’t have said it better in her post on Instagram about her experience at Mommy & Me Minis:

Being a mom isn’t easy. It isn’t paid. There is no vacation. The thank yous are often forgotten. 
These two gave me life. They give me unconditional love. They hold unparalleled curiosity and joy. 
What did I want for Mother’s Day? Exactly what I got: images of our love and joy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Wow. This testimonial is more than I could ever want for my clients. Life can be hard. Being a mom can be down right tough. My mission is to celebrate these mamas and their relationships with their kiddos. My goal is to share joy and happiness through their images. I want to speak directly to their heart and help them celebrate how beautiful this special bond is.

Year After Year

I also loved that three of these mamas came to Mommy & Me Minis last year, too! It was so sweet to see how their little ones had grown, and get to capture how their relationship has changed. For Scarlet, that meant from being pregnant to chasing around an 11 month old. For Jessica and Sue, that meant navigating the emotions of opinionated two year olds. All of these moments are so so precious and these days pass by so quickly. Kaity is also a forever client I had the pleasure of photographing her engagement session, wedding and now maternity! I can’t wait to meet & photograph their baby soon!

Because You Matter

So often moms are the ones behind the camera taking the photos of their growing babies. I want the mamas to be IN those photos too, captured right alongside their kids. I want you to be able to look back at photos and see yourself enjoying the life that you’ve created. Not some mysterious person behind the lens, but a living, breathing mother delighting in their family. So here’s to you, mama. You are incredible!


Interested in capturing the love & joy of your family!? I’d love to chat! Email me at to book your session today!

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