Seattle Anniversary Session: Marcy and Chris

Celebrate the little (and big) things

One of my core beliefs is that it is so important to acknowledge wherever you’re at in life. Whether you’re celebrating your growing family, your wedding anniversary or a new milestone in your career. Maybe you just moved to a new city, or tuned the big 3-0. When you’re growing up, you have things like school grades and getting your driver’s license to help timestamp your life. As you get older, you may have getting engaged and married. But then, if you’re not present, in my personal experience, some of those smaller milestones can simply slip through the cracks. Undocumented, uncelebrated.

A leap of faith

Not too long ago, my dear friend, Marcy, decided she needed to change her career path. Drastically. After years in HR, she listened to her gut and started the journey to becoming a doctor. I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring it has been to watch her study after work and on the weekends, intern with or shadow whomever she could, and sort through all of the options for her new path. She and her husband, Chris, carefully considered each decision. Watching them pursue her goal together, hand in hand, is such a testament to their relationship and marriage.

Much to my husband’s and my dismay, taking that next step took Marcy & Chris to California. It feels like yesterday that I was photographing their intimate wedding in Volunteer Park, but that’s just it. It wasn’t yesterday. Three years had gone by! I couldn’t let them leave the beautiful Pacific Northwest (or their gorgeous downtown rooftop) without capturing this milestone for them.

Days before they sent all of their earthly belongings in a moving van down the coast, we savored the golden rays as they dipped behind the Seattle skyline. We laughed, (Marcy & I) cried a little bit, but most of all, we captured priceless photographs that will help them remember this moment forever. As a photographer, that is the biggest gift I can give.

Marcy & Chris – thank you for first booking me to photograph your wedding three years ago, and then more importantly becoming such fast friends. In my heart of hearts I believe you will move back to Seattle, but that won’t keep us from having adventures together in the meantime! We love you so so much – wishing you all of the strength as you muster your way down this new path! xoxo

What can you celebrate right now?

What milestone can you choose to celebrate at this moment in life? Getting a puppy? Buying your first home? Getting promoted? I would love to help capture these memories for you!

Also, if you were wondering about the variety of photos you could get during a golden hour mini session with me… this is it!!

PSA: There are still slots available for golden hour anniversary sessions at Golden Gardens (June 11-14) & Discovery Park (August 6-9) this summer!

Find out all the details & book your anniversary session here!


Marcy & Chris’s Intimate Wedding at Volunteer Park here!

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