Types of Newborn Sessions

Types of Newborn Photography

Woohoo! You’re having a baby! Congratulations – this. is. HUGE. If you’re thinking about having a photographer document your journey into parenthood, there are a lot of different ways to capture this incredibly monumental experience for you and your family. I personally specialize in lifestyle, at-home newborn photography, but I wanted to share the other options as well so you can know what to expect and what to look for! I recommend checking out the amazing photographers that are a part of the Om Mama Collective to find the right fit for you (if it’s not me, that is!)!


Have you ever considered hiring a photographer to document your birth? This can be such a powerful moment and a lot of families love the idea of having a professional photographer there to capture it. I have personally only photographed one birth – and I actually missed it (read the story here!). Mama labored so fast that baby arrived within the 20 minutes it took me to get to the hospital! I was, however, able to capture some pretty priceless moments, like daddy holding baby for the first time, baby being weighed, and the overall vibe of – holy crap, we just brought a human into the world!

Birth photographers are pretty much on-call and ready to rock whenever you go into labor and their coverage can vary (since labor can vary so much, too)! If you choose not to have a professional photographer document your birth, I do recommend appointing someone to snap some photos. From what I understand, you pretty much black out during this experience and it’s nice to have some documentation that you can enjoy afterwards!

One other cool thing I’m seeing is doulas that are also photographers. This way, they’re there with you to help as a part of your birth team, and also capture some really special moments for you.

Some hospitals also offer just-after-birth photos – something to ask about if you’re curious!

First 48

Another option for in-hospital photos of your new new baby is called “first 48” or “fresh 48” sessions. I love getting to capture these for some of my clients! These ideally happen within the first 48 hours after birth. This is a fun way to capture siblings meeting baby for the first time, or just in general documenting the place and space where baby was born. There is something so priceless about photographing one or two day olds and their teeny tiny baby toes. In this scenario, you would contact me (or your photographer) when you go into labor so we know what’s up and schedule a time once baby arrives to come in and snap a few photos!


Another wonderful option for capturing these early days is in a studio. I don’t personally have my own studio space right now (you can read why here), but for people who love the look of a studio (or home isn’t an option for whatever reason), there are some awesome photographers out there who specialize in just that! I rent out a studio once or twice a year for mini sessions – these are great for growing sessions, family holiday cards, or whatever milestone you may be celebrating! Make sure you’re on my email list to be the first to know about my next studio mini session date!

At Home

My jam. There isn’t much I love more than capturing you and your new addition at your home. I’ll write a separate blog post all about at-home newborn photography and why I love it, but so much of it is capturing that newness – this new life you are creating as a family. It inspires me so much to capture families in their own homes, surrounded by all of the things that make them uniquely them.

You have anything you need right at your fingertips – an extra diaper (or three), your boppy for a quick feed, and in many of my clients’ cases: your furbabies, too! We also get to capture the nursery you so lovingly decorated and any other special spots and items you have at home.

At home newborn session are slow-paced, led by baby. If they need to eat, be changed or soothed, that is all part of the process. They typically happen in the first 2 weeks after birth. When you book with me, you let me know your due date and I put it on my calendar so I have it on my radar. Then, you let me know when baby arrives and we get your session on the books! You can read a bit more about what to expect during your actual session here.

In-home sessions are a wonderful way to document family life, and freeze this moment in time.

I hope this helps you understand a bit more about the types of newborn photography out there, and what you may like to consider as you grow your family! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and book your own session with me! Congratulations on your new addition!

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