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What To Expect: At Home Newborn Photography

Welcoming Baby

My friend recently welcomed a precious baby boy into the world. I dropped by to bring them a meal, and meet their little angel. They were completely smitten. While mama and I chatted, baby lay in his bassinet, periodically making those adorable noises babies make while they are sleeping. I could hardly look away from taking in his perfect features!

At Home Newborn Photography

She asked me what they could expect if they booked an at home newborn session with me. First off, I just smiled ear-to-ear. Capturing these special first days at home with your baby is truly one of my most favorite parts of being a photographer.

Like most of my clients she realized that even just 5 days in, her baby had already changed so much. That is my number one reason to do a newborn session – especially within the first 3 weeks after birth. They truly change before your eyes. I want to capture their tiny, perfect newborn selves so you can hold on to those first memories of bringing home your baby.

These first couple of weeks with your baby will go by in the blink of a bleary, sleep-deprived eye. As they say, days are long but the years are short. Having photos to hold onto those precious moments are worth their weight in gold.

Before Your Session

Families often book me well in advance of baby arriving (however, definitely reach out if you’re not planning that far in advance!) – partly because most of my families choose to also do maternity photos with me as well! I love getting to build that relationship with my clients and see them become parents.

Before your newborn session I provide you with lots of information on how to prepare. You can check out a blog post I wrote about it here: How To Prepare for your At Home Newborn Session! I also include in my information & pricing guide a lot of great information on how to get ready for your shoot.

During Your Session

What you can expect most during you session: An hour or so of time spent loving on your sweet baby and your precious new family. But here are some other things to expect, too!

When I arrive, I’ll ask you to show me around your home. Whether you have already identified spots you’d like to take photos, or would like me to help you decide. I look for natural light first, followed by go-to locations like a bed, the nursery, and living room couch. Typically during a session, we move to about 3 different locations within your home.

If you need to feed or change your baby during your session that is totally welcome! This is the main reason session length fluctuates. If a baby is perfectly content, sessions can last 45-60 minutes; however, if he/she needs to feed, (or there are older siblings involved!) sessions can last an hour and a half to two hours.

I also like to capture some of the details you may have decorated the nursery with!

Your baby can be both awake and asleep during your session – I am happy to capture their beautiful eyes, wiggles and curious limbs, as well as the peaceful sleepy slumbers. I use what is called “baby led posing” which means I will guide you and baby into poses, but won’t be placing any of you into awkward or unnatural positions. It’s a mix of documentary/candid, and posed – what I like to call “lifestyle”!

I recommend not changing baby more than twice as most babies don’t *love* being changed. Try limiting his/her outfits to a neutral white onesie, swaddle look. You can also consider including special outfit to wear, toy to include or even blanket to lay baby on.

I also ask if you would like to have photos of you while breastfeeding. This is totally up to you, but most of my mamas love having images of them having that special bond with their baby.

After Your Session

I always send a sneak peek from your session within a day or two. Parents really appreciate this even if it is just to calm their minds that I got “at least one good one” haha! I joke that it is a nice reminder to have a photo of your peaceful baby when they are crying and keeping you up at night! As with all of my sessions, you get your final edited high resolution images in an online gallery. Printing rights are included in your session fee.

The online gallery platform I use is awesome because any future sessions you have with me will live on the same gallery home page. I always ask that you download your photos for safekeeping, but this way they will be organized in one place – easy to access & share with family and friends, too! You can also order prints and photo gifts from your gallery as well.

Also, I send a little gift in the mail following your session – just to make sure you have at least a *few* printed photos from your session!

I hope this helps give a little insight into what you can expect at your at home newborn session! If you’re interested in booking your newborn session (+ maternity, and/or growing sessions!) contact me at today! I’m so looking forward to hearing from you and capturing this precious milestone for your family!


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