2016 Favorites: Engagements

What mornings look like during “off season”: Wake up, walk Lemon, dry Lemon off because it’s literally monsooning outside, turn on GMA, make coffee, prep crock-pot dinner (Indian chicken & peas!) finishing touches on another favorites of 2016 post – engagements! Respond to emails, send emails, prep for client consult, add more items to “off season” to do list, accomplish maybe one of 20 (order more business cards) & that’s all before lunch! I often find myself looking forward to “off season” especially towards the end of the year when I am feeling tapped out – it may be slower as far as shooting goes, but it is not so much slower on the work load! This is the time I get to share posts like this one – taking time to reflect on last year & make goals for this year. I get to start working on the website re-vamp I’ve been thinking about for months (cannot WAIT to share it with you!) & connect with other creatives. “Off season” also typically coincides nicely with engagement season so I can focus energy on meeting new couples & taking epic photos like these with them. There is more space in my brain for creativity, and more space in my life for spending time with my husband (and my puppy), cooking & exercising. Truth is, I need that balance, the quiet, rainy, winter months, to off-set those crazy summers & falls, filled to the brim with celebrations & activity. It’s so crazy seeing all of these images from 2016 stacked up next to one another but it stirs the passion inside me & motivates me to make the next year even better than the last. I had some pretty epic engagement sessions this year & I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

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