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What to Wear for Your Session: Fall & Winter

What to Wear

Wondering what to wear for your fall or winter family session?! Here are some of my go-to tips for choosing your outfit!

  • Confidence goes a long way! I suggest wearing your favorite outfit – something you know you feel good in – for your session. This way, you won’t be tugging & stressing over that new mini skirt you would have never worn otherwise!

  • Bring a blanket to sit on and/or wrap around you during your session for some cozy shots!

  • Think about the color of your surroundings. Are we shooting with fall colors? Do you want to complement the foliage and wear warm tones? Warm tones can also help the photos feel *warmer* if it’s not quite a beach vacation during our shoot!
  • Consider bringing cute cold-weather accessories like coats, hats & scarves to wear for some shots!
Coordinate, don’t match!

My number one tip for choosing outfits is to coordinate rather than match! The key elements for coordinating outfits are color & pattern. I reccommend choosing 1 to 2 patterns of different scale within the same color family. Scale refers to the size of the print, i.e. a wide stripe vs. a small polkadot. If you’re incorporating one or more prints, choose solid colors from them to round out the remaining outfit pieces. All of the outfits should stick within about 2-3 color families. (See my sample mood boards at the end of this post for some inspiration!)

If mixing colors and patterns sounds intimidating, no worries! Try going for coordinating neutrals and let the scenery shine.

You should definitely stay away from big or distracting graphics & logos. No statement tee’s here! I even suggest wearing polos & button downs that have no branding if possible. No matter what you choose, your clothing will date your photos – that’s just how fashion works! And I honestly think that is part of the fun. But, I do like to encourage clients to err on the side of simple, so you can focus more on the people inside the clothes, rather than on what they were wearing.

Above: This family is coordinating in denims, blues & whites. They avoid looking too matchy-matchy by mixing up textures & clothing items (i.e. top & coat vs. sweater)

Below: This family let the fall colors shine and chose neutral blacks & grays. I love the little pop of color in Lucia’s shoes!

seattle family photographer

Think Warm
  • Colder temperatures are the perfect excuse to wear a maxi dress (like in the first photo of this post)! You can even wear leggings or tights underneath to keep you nice and toasty.
  • Bring a warm jacket at least to wear in between photos/while walking from spot to spot.
  • I don’t reccommend doing a full session solely outdoors with small kiddos & babies in the wintertime (November-March) because it can just be too cold for their sweet little faces. Check out this blog post I wrote on indoor locations & tips for embracing the rain! Being warm, dry, and happy is definitely the way to go!

Above: Maryam & Faraz were bold in their plaid mixing, but kept their other pieces neutral. Maryam was also able to loose the scarf for a few shots, too

Below: Throw on a leather jacket for some photos for variety, and warmth!


Finally, if it’s winter and it’s raining in Seattle, that means it’s likely snowing in the mountains! So let’s bundle up and head to the hills and get some fun photos playing in the snow!

Mood Board Inspiration

Above: small polka dot, big strip or plaid – other elements can be solid colors with varying textures!

Below: big polka dot, small floral – other elements mixture of color & texture!

Where to Shop

Some of my favorite stores (that are featured in these mood boards) include:

Anthropologie: Statement pieces for women to build the family outfits around

Little Bipsy: Adorable modern looks for baby from local Edmonds, WA shop

Zara: On-trend neutrals, great for kiddos, also great for on-trend outerwear

Gap: Perfect neutrals for the whole family, great for things like scarves, & accessories too

J. Crew: Classic patterns and shapes to offset statement pieces, classic sweaters & outerwear

Madewell: Modern twists on classic shapes & colors, great sweaters

If you want to go for some unique outerwear for your session, check Target & Nordstrom Rack!


I hope this gives you a little inspiration when choosing what to wear for your session! Check out family session FAQs for more!

Looking for ideas tailored to spring and summer? Check out this post! 


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